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2013 Primera Primera CX 1200 Digital color label printing unit and Primera FX1200E Digital Finishing system

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For sale Primera CX 1200 Digital color label printing unit and Primera FX1200E Digital Finishing system

Year : 2013/2014

Max web width : 216 mm

Primera CX1200 Color Laser Label Printer

Primera's CX1200 Digital Color Label Press is a cutting edge, full-color digital label printer available at breakthrough pricing. Full-color digital labeling has a wealth of profitable uses across the industry but the cost and time investment required is often prohibitive for smaller companies. The Primera CX1200 transcends these barriers with one of the fastest, highest quality color laser engines on the market. Additionally, the Primera CX1200 is available at a competitive price. Bright, vivid colors and crisp text place the Primera CX1200 alongside costly, high-level presses. The printer's stand-out feature is its speed and it produces professional, reliable results at an impressive 16.25 feet per minute. The printer supports runs of up to 1250 feet, equal to an industrial standard 12" diameter roll, all in just over an hour.

The Primera CX1200 labels come in a wide range of substrates, offering maximum flexibility in output. Choices range from clear, high-gloss to matte pressure-sensitive labels, all produced at the same professional quality. Formulated for durability, Primera’s innovative range of micro-fine dry toner inks include UV and abrasion resistance, providing clear, long-lasting results.

The Primera CX1200 color laser printer works particularly well in combination with the Primera FX1200 Digital Finishing System.

Whether used by itself or with optional supporting products, the Primera CX1200 color label press is an incredibly useful device with diverse uses. In light of its many capabilities, the Primera CX1200 is a good deal for people who are serious about label printing.

 Here is a list of items Primera includes in every CX1200 package:

  • color laser engine with patented Primera technology
  • unwind/rewind stations
  • automated tension control station
  • durable steel frame
  • automated tension control station
  • 1250' length white paper label roll
  • Primera's acclaimed PTPrint production software
  • Pantone® and ICC color profiles software
  • Up-to-date printer drivers for Windows
  • Four standard cartridges
  • Ethernet cables for immediate connectivity and output
  • Complete instructions for maximal ease of use


Primera FX1200 Digital Finishing System

The FX1200 Digital Finishing System from Primera Technology, Inc. gives you a fast, simple and inexpensive way to finish labels for any project in any industry. Label finishing was once a complex and expensive process, but the FX1200 has changed the rules of the game by providing a reliable, all-in-one system that can produce finished rolls of labels affordably and with little effort. 

Simple to Control

The greatest benefit of the FX1200 Digital Finishing System is that it is so simple to control. The brain of the system is a personal computer (PC) with an integrated LCD touchscreen, both provided separately. The full-color, widescreen display is easily read in nearly any lighting conditions. 

The touchscreen PC is what puts the FX1200 a step above the competition. The processor and onboard memory are unique among digital finishing systems, and these features allow the user to make adjustments before, during or after printing without a problem. 

Labels of Any Size and Shape

The FX1200 is ahead of its class in cutting and sizing labels. While most digital finishing systems use flexible or hard steel dies for shaping and sizing, the FX1200 uses tungsten carbide steel knife blades controlled through a digital interface. This means that you will never have to buy a new die again, and jobs can begin right away without having to wait for dies to be delivered.

The advanced cutting system of the FX1200, dubbed QuadraCut, increases your turnaround time, which helps to cut costs by providing you with a faster production speed. The finishing speed of the FX1200 is up to 20 feet per minute, and this is all because of the QuadraCut technology, which makes use of up to four knife blades at once. 

Other systems with single blades cannot match the speed and precision of the FX1200, and QuadraCut works with nearly any substrate, including pressure-sensitive materials, such as glossy and matte paper, vinyl, polyester and many others.

The FX1200 Digital Finishing System comes fully assembled and includes the following hardware:

• Powered unwind station

• LCD monitor mounting bracket

• Laminator

• QuadraCut die-cutting system

• IntelliTorque tensioning control system

• Slitting system

• Waste matrix remover

• Powered rewind station

• Powered rewinder