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2002 Serlem CFB 670

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Serlem CFB rotary die-cutting press

The press is an offline machine, totally independent, designed for the die-cutting of labels of various shapes and thickness. From a printed reel, it can cut materials such as OPP, PVC or paper.

Based on the electric shaft, all the units are driven independently and synchronized.

The cutting system is based on the rotative principle using a magnetic cylinder, equipped with a flexible die, and a very hard cylindrical counterpart. The machine is very user-friendly thanks to a flat touchpad monitor controlled by a computer running under Windows XP.

A collecting unit allows the collection of the labels and their stacking. Thus, the machine produces perfect stacks of labels. The waste matrix can be rewinded or evacuated by the mean of a vacuum system (such as Venturi).

Model: CFB 670

Year: 07/2002


·       maximum cut width of 670 mm

·       maximum material width of 700 mm

·       maximum unwind reel diameter 1 200 mm

·       maximum waste rewind diameter 600 mm

·       Cutting cylinder from 20 to 38 inch

·       Production speed from 60 up to 100 m/min depending on the cut size and shape.

·       Precision of the registration 0.2 mm (0.1 at least 95% granted)