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2016 AMC BF1000-10F

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AMC Automatic Die-cutter from a pack of sheets to labels

This machine allows you to cut many sheets at the same time (from 10 up to 30).


From the jogger, which is fed manually for the alignment the sheets of paper,

the pack of paper is moved manually to the feeder of the BF1000-10F.

Here it is automatically counted with a programmable sheet counter.

After counting, the pack of sheets is automatically inserted into the press,

Where a lateral pick-up system transports the pack of sheets into the die-cutting station.

After the die-cut station, the pack of paper are automatically moved to the

Ejector station where the die-cut labels are separated from the waste.

The clean die-cut labels are collected on a platform with centring pins and

Evacuated laterally.


Made: AMC

Model : BF1000-10F

Year: 2016

Min. Sheet size: 600 x 900mm

Max.Sheet size : 760 1.060mm

Register precision: mm 0.03

Min Speed: 5.000 s/h

Max. speed : 14.000 s/h

Die-cutting force: 180T