2005 Drent Vision



Drent Vision

Year: 2005 Rebuild 2018

Max web width : 520 mm

Max. Speed rating: 200 Mtrs/min

Substrate : Plastic / Paper

1 x Unwinder

1 x Web guide system

2 x Printing Units

Print size: 591 mm (23"1/3)

4 x UV IST positioning (2 Behind the 1st unit and 2 behind the 2nd unit)

Today there are 2 lamps installed in the press and 2 lamps as spares

 Length shear slitting device

Delivery: Rewinder


Eltromat Video & Inspection system before the sheeter

Eltromat Inc Duct control system

Eltromat Control Console

Hafner- Muschler 2600W chilling system