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KBA Comet (Shaftless drive system)

Year: 2005 /2007

Cylinder circumference: 1.260 mm

Cut-off: 630 mm

Max web width: 980mm

Speed: 32.500 Rev/Hours (max. Tech. prod.:75.000 c/h in straight production)

4 x KBA PATRAS splicers

3 x 4-High KBA COMET Towers (2 Towers in heat-set configuration)

2 x MegTec Dual TNV dryers

2 x KBA KF3 folders (2:3:3) with Tabloïd and Quarter page fold

2 x Stitching system

In line gluing system

Oxy Dry blanket wash-up system on the 2 Heat set towers

QI cut off the register and automatic colour registration system

2 x Technotrans Beta F dampening circulation system

2 x EAE remote control consol