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1989 Dimuken DC-8203 Die cutter and DC-8305 Waste rewinder

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One used Dimuken Die Cutter DC-8203

Age : 1989

The multi-purpose Dimuken DC-8203 Die Cutter model is designed to execute many "Value Added" processes on sprocket fed checks, certificates, documents, forms, labels, mailers and tickets, all of which enhance the product to give greater value. It is equally useful for repair work.

This compact free standing unit is suitable for short to medium length runs and is quick to set up and operate. Production change sizes can be completed in a matter of minutes with negligible wastage.

Application Usage

  • All types of Standard and Non-Standard Punching
  • Custom Perforating And Slitting
  • Credit Card Holders
  • Horizontal and Vertical Stop/Skip Perforations
  • Window Cut-Outs
  • Specialized Products
  • Tags/Tickets
  • Blind Embossing
  • Credit Card Slits
  • MICR, OCR Encoding
  • Imprinting from Ribbon
  • Half Die Cutting Self Adhesive Labels

One used Dimuken Waste Re-Winder DC-8305

Age: 1989

The DC-8305 Waste Winder is designed to be run in-line with the DC-8202 Imprinter, DC-8203 Die Cutter or DC-9332 Rotary Die Cutter models for half die-cutting label stock on sprocket fed paper.


The processed label stock is passed through the Waste Winder where the waste matrix is removed from the web and rewound onto a reel for disposal. The waste rewind shaft has a variable tensioning system which allows it to be easily adjusted to suit the particular job being run.


  • Variable tensioning of the waste as it rewound to prevent breakages of the waste
  • Variable speed setting
  • Highly mobile on it's own built-in heavy duty casters
  • Tandem Control Unit to interface with preceding machine