2019 Oppliger GZ-1700 L sheet to sheet Laminator



Hardly used BIG High-Speed sheet to sheet laminator.


Oppliger GZ-1700L Fully computerized with automatic setting.


Max. Sheet size : 1700 x 1450 mm

Min. Sheet size: 530 x 350 mm

Max. Thickness upper sheet: 300gsm or 8 mm

Max. Thickness lower sheet: 150 gsm ~ 700 gsm

Max. Tech. Speed: 11.000 s/h

Laminating pressure: +/- 1 mm

Machine weight: 9.000 kg

Machine dimension: 1.680 x 2.600 x 2.400 mm

Material: Thin Paper, Paperboard, coated paper, cardboard

Corrugated board: Flute A, B, E, F, G in three or five layers

Applicable glue: Resin adhesive, Starch glue etc.