2011 Codimag Viva 340 - Letterpress



Codimag Viva 340, semi rotary Year 2011; Refurbished in 2015 Web with: 340 mm In Semi rotary configuration, print length from 50 mm to 12 inches, In full rotary function print length 14 inches 1 x Unwinder 4 x UV letterpress units 1 x UV Flexo varnish unit 5 x IST UV curing, Ttyp MBS 5 AP Ink duct sxstem 1 rotary diecutting unit; Gapmaster with Kocher und Beck BST camera web video, Typ PS 4000 1 x Rewinder This machine is in good mechanical and visual conddition. Complete technical revision in 2015 Operating hours: about 12.000 hours Availability: immediately