2008 Lintech LPM 300 GT



LINTEC LPM300 GT Lintec creates a low cost letterpress with the latest technology for intermittent or partial rotary web motion utilizing 3 axis web control. This allows for a computer controlled repeat length. Subsequently, only one size cylinder (12") is required. The machine is re-registerable and is equiped for second pass printing Year: 2008 Max. Web width: 300 mm Max print width: 280 mm Max print length in semirotary: 245mm Max speed: 120 imp/min 1 x Unwinder with end reel detection 1 x Infeed with RE-INSERTION device 1 x Outfeed unit for rotary or semi-rotary 1 x HMI Quinn control system 6 x Letterpress printing units 1 x Flexo varnishing unit 7 x UV GEW VCP dryers 1 x Semi-rotary die-cutter 1 x OMEGA rewinder