2006 Mitsubishi D-16

No longer available


Mitsubishi D-16 (Shaftless) commercial web press

Year : 2006

Cut-Off : 578mm

Max web width: 965mm

1 x MegTec Z1500 Zero speed splicer

1 x Doyle Cleaning System for cleaning two sides

1 x  Shaftless MHI constant tension infeed

1 x Infeed unit with WPC Micro Trak web edge system

5 x Print units (Shaftless)

1 x MHI expert software (Max Saver Software Package) for reduction of make-ready ink & paper waste. 

Semi-Automatic plate changers for 5 printing units

1 x  Baldwin Impact Automatic Blanket Cleaning System

1 x MEGTEC Dual Dry III Dryer

1 x Shaftless Web chill unit (6 cylinders) with WPC MicroTrak 943F Framed Web Guide System

1 x WPC Model 938H Silicone Applicator

1 x Mitsubishi Diamond 16 Pinless Combination Folder with Single Chopper and Digest Fold, capable of producing Tabloid, Magazine and Digest folded products and driven by an Indramat shaftless drive motor.

1 x WPC MicroTrak #9501 Cut-off-control

1 x Vits Sheeter

Remote control system

WPC Model MicroTrak 9910 CLC PLUS Closed Loop Color/Register Control System

1 x Vits Sheeter with Power Shear Cut Center and Edge Slitters