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Goss SSC 4high Tower (2011) with SC Folder

Cut-off: 578mm 

GOSS SSC Tower equipped with;
Manual sidelay adjustment
Manual circumferential adjustment
Manual Phaser adjustment
Pneumatic throw-offs
Lever control ink keys
Ratchet ink fountains
Sock dampening
Motor controlled compensator
Fully guarded

This tower will come together with ;
1 x SC Community Folder  with Quarter Fold serial number SC 529

The units will be cleaned, Painted, checked over and rewired!

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Global/Tensor/Dev/ Ventura press

Cut-off: 578mm

Configuration from left to right;

Age: 1997 up to 2005

1 x Double ENKEL 1040-45 SE splicers
1 x 4-High Global Tower ;
1 x 4-High Ventura 30 Tower 
1 x 2-High Ventura 30 unit 
1 x Ventura 30 mono unit 
1 x Tensor Folder with Tensor upper former and DEV lower former with  ¼ fold and Double parallel fold.
1 x 4-High Ventura 30 Tower 
1 x 4-High Tensor T1400 30 Tower 
1 x 4-High Tensor Tower
2 x MegTec AR 30  Splicer
1 x Amal AR 35  Splicer   

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GOSS COMMUNITY / VENTURA press line (5 Towers)

Cut-off: 578mm
Year: 1987-2006
Total of 72 Pages including 40 pages 4-colour
1 x Goss unwinder with Amal AR 25 (1987) automatic splicer
4 x AMAL Splicers 
3 x 4-High Goss SSC towers (one from 2006)
2 x 4-High Ventura tower (C. 1990)
3 x Goss SC floor units with Goss SC (C.1980) stacked units
3 x Goss SSC (#629)(C. 1990) floor units;

1 x Ventura Folder with double former equipped with 1/4 page fold 
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