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Goss Community Press line

 Year: Unknown; except for the 4 high tower to be 2011
Cut off : 578
3 x Goss Community C units
3 x Goss Community SC units
1 x Goss Community SSC 4-High Tower from 2011
1 x Goss Unwinder with Robertson brake (2011)

1 x Goss Urbanite folder with Broadsheet fold
Motor and drive

Press still installed but not in production any more.

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Global/Tensor/Dev/ Ventura press

Cut-off: 578mm

Configuration from left to right;

Age: 1997 up to 2005

1 x Double ENKEL 1040-45 SE splicers
1 x 4-High Global Tower ;
1 x 4-High Ventura 30 Tower 
1 x 2-High Ventura 30 unit 
1 x Ventura 30 mono unit 
1 x Tensor Folder with Tensor upper former and DEV lower former with  ¼ fold and Double parallel fold.
1 x 4-High Ventura 30 Tower 
1 x 4-High Tensor T1400 30 Tower 
1 x 4-High Tensor Tower
2 x MegTec AR 30  Splicer
1 x Amal AR 35  Splicer   

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Goss/Harris Mainstream 80

Year: 2002
Web width: 1.700 mm
Cylinder circumference: 578mm
Cut-off: 578mm
Max production speed: 70.000 c/h (Depending of quantity of webs and type of fold)
Production: Broadsheet (20pp ) , Tablo´d (80 pages stitched), Quarter page (64 pages)
5 x Contiweb FD splicers with integrated infeed units
5 x 4-High towers (H-shape)
SEVEG ink supply
Automatic web engagement
QTI QUAD MULTICAM automatic colour register for 4 webs 4+4
QTI QUAD MULTICAM automatic cut-off register for 5 webs
TECHNIWEB blanket wash-up system
Gapless tubular blanket system
JIMEK Dampening system
BALDWIN dampening circulation system
1 x Mainstream JF-225 folder 2:5:5 for Tablo´d, Quarter page deliver
TOLERANS Stitching unit
OMNICONTM control system with 2 console

The press is still in line
Out of production since begin of April 2018

Video: https://youtu.be/EYJZMgo5ItE

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