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1 colour


Sramag flexo varnishing unit

Year : 2011
Flexo varnishing unit
Max web width: 330 mm
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2 Colors



2 color flexo label press

Age :1988
Max web width : 420mm 
1 x Unwinder
1 x infeed unit with splicing table
1 x Fife web guide system
2 x Flexo print unit with hot air dryers
1 x Flat bed die-cutting unit
3 x Rotary slots
1 x Sprocket punching unit with 3 punching wheels
1 x Slitting unit
1 x Rewinder
1 x Fan folder (Zig-zag folder)

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5 color



Year: 1996
Web Width
1 x Unwinder
1 x Fife web guide unit
5 x Flexo printing units
4 x Hot air dryers
1 x UV dryer Ideal Quarz
2 x Rotary die cut slots
1 x Waste rewinder
Blade length trim
1 x Rewinder
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6 colour


Web width: 280 mm
Year : 2003
1 x Unwinder with splicing table
1 x BST edge guide system
1 x Web tension unit
6 x Flexo Printing units
6 x VTI UV lamps (160W/Cm)
3 x Rotary Die-cutting slots
1 x Lamination unit
1 x Cold foil unit
1 x Rotary Length cutting unit with 3 knives
1 x Waste rewinder
1 x Main rewinder
1 x BST Web video system

9 x Anilox Cylinders
48 x Printing Cylinders (Z64, Z68, Z72, Z76, Z80, Z84, Z84, Z92, Z96)
8 x Magnetic cylinders (Z64, Z68, Z72, Z76, Z80, Z84, Z92, Z96)

Video: https://youtu.be/xvLdYmBP9X8
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