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GRAFICON T200 semi-rotary letterpress (Ref. TS4+2002)

Age                                     : 2011

Web width                         : max. 208mm

Printing width                   : max. 200mm

Printing length                  : max. 160mm

Die-cutting width             : max. 200 mm

Die-cutting length            : max. 156 mm

Speed                                 : max. 8.000 l/h

Equipped with from left to right paper going:

1 x Unwinder with splicing table and web tension control unit

4 x Semi-rotary letterpress printing unit with UV dryer

2 x Flatbed Screen printing unit with UV dryer

1 x Hot Foil-stamping/Embossing unit

1 x Back die-cutting unit+ relief

1 x Flat die-cutting unit

1 x Matrix rewinder

1 x Rewinder 
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