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2007 - Double MAN UNISET 75 Headset press SHAFTLESS

schema Man Uniset 75.png


Cut-off: 450 mm
Cylinder circumference: 950 mm
Max web width: 1.280 mm
Max speed: 37.500 rev/Hour

Configuration; One line above the other.
For the production of 2 x 32 pages
Open Product size: Width from 180 up to 225 mm
Height from 260 up to 320 mm
Pagination possibility: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pages
Pagination sizes: Broadsheet; 320 x 450 mm
Tablo´d; 273 x 320 mm
Paper grammage: from 45 to 115 gsm

2 x Man RW-CD13 Splicers (Ground floor)
2 x MAN IDS1100 Infeed units (Ground floor and superstructure floor)
4 x MAN UNISET Printing units (Ground floor)
4 x MAN UNISET Printing units (superstructure floor)
2 x MEGTEC DUAL DRY III Dryers (Length 10.8m) (Ground floor and superstructure floor)
2 x MEGTEC RS Web chill units with each 5 Cylinders, Web Aligner, Silicone applicator (Ground floor and superstructure floor)
1 x Turner bar system (Installed on the super structure floor)
1 x Folder KFN 80/2 (Ground floor) Broadsheet and Tablo´d
Tolerans stitching unit
Control consoles
Baldwin DayLiner dampening circulator with chill unit
Baldwin Jimek Litho Spray Maxima dampening system
QTI register system
2B-Prńzesionstechnik Plate bender and Plate perforator
Unit controller PECOM 2000
E+L web edge guide system

Total length of the press: appr. 50 m (including Control consoles)
Total height of the press: appr. 7.6 m
Operating height: appr. 8.2 m

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