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ROTOMEC RS 4003 MP 1350

Year: 2011
Max web width: 1.350 mm
Print width: 650 - 1.325 mm
Print length: 450 – 920 mm
Printing speed: 350 m/min

Electronic drive shaft
Colors: 9 color gravure press. (9+0 or 8+1)
Double automatic Unwinder for reel up to max. dia. 1.020 mm
Automatic turret rewinder for reel up to dia. Max. 1.020 mm
BST web guide system
Bobst Registron S 51000 automatic register control system
T.A.P. Pre-register system
New Celio Viscosimeters
MERO Corona application system
9 Ace antistatic bars
Fire detection and protection system
18 trolleys
Around 800 engraved cylinders
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Year : 1995
Material : PE, PET, BOPP
Max web width : 1.430 mm
Max print width: 1.400 mm
Print repeat: 400 – 1.000 mm
Max speed: 300-350 m/min
Shaft driven system
8 Color Gravure press (8+0 or 7+1)
Unwinder for reels up to dia. 1.000mm
Rewinder for reels up to dia. 1.000mm
Hot air drying system
Video camera BST
Bobst Registron S 3100
Mero corona
Around 300 engraved cylinders
14 Trolleys
Fire detection and prevention system
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