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Available parts for Drent Gazelle 6 IMR- P

Available parts for DRENT GAZELLE 6 IMR-P

1 x 10"4/6 cross perforation cylinder

1 x 14" printing cylinder
1 x 14" cross perforation cylinder

2 x 17 " Printing cylinders

4 x 22" Printing cylinders
1 x 22" Cross perforation cylinder
2 x 23"2/6 printing cylinders
1 x 23"2/6 cross perforation cylinder

1 x Original Drent Rewinder 

1 x Plate bender 

1 x Plate punch unit

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2-Head DIMUKEN Hologram Encoder/Applicator DC8614-H2

Year : 1997
Max web width : 495 mm
Max Draw length : 610 mm

Operation Principal
The Dimuken 2 Head Hologram Applicator achieves extremely accurate hologram image registration by fiber optics located next to each stamping die. The Dimuken foil registration system allows for vast savings on foil costs compared to the industry standard methods of step and repeat foil feeding used by other manufacturers.
The web is fed by pin feed tractors in accurate register to the foiling station where the holograms are applied in the individual feed steps programmed by the operator to suit the layout of the job.

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