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20 years of existence has forged Schleper & Associés experience in the Graphic arts field and especially in the purchase and sale of pre-owned web presses.

SCHLEPER & Associés is the ideal partner to bring you the solution that you are looking for and to bring it to a good end.

2007 - Double MAN UNISET 75 Headset press SHAFTLESS

schema Man Uniset 75.png


Cut-off: 450 mm
Cylinder circumference: 900 mm
Max web width: 1.280 mm
Max speed: 37.500 rev/Hour

Configuration; One line above the other.
For the production of 2 x 32 pages
Open Product size: Width from 180 up to 225 mm
Height from 260 up to 320 mm
Pagination possibility: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pages
Pagination sizes: Broadsheet; 320 x 450 mm
Tabloïd; 273 x 320 mm
Paper grammage: from 45 to 115 gsm

2 x Man RW-CD13 Splicers (Ground floor)
2 x MAN IDS1100 Infeed units (Ground floor and superstructure floor)
4 x MAN UNISET Printing units (Ground floor)
4 x MAN UNISET Printing units (superstructure floor)
2 x MEGTEC DUAL DRY III Dryers (Length 10.8m) (Ground floor and superstructure floor)
2 x MEGTEC RS Web chill units with each 5 Cylinders, Web Aligner, Silicone applicator (Ground floor and superstructure floor)
1 x Turner bar system (Installed on the super structure floor)
1 x Folder KFN 80/2 (Ground floor) Broadsheet and Tabloïd
Tolerans stitching unit
Control consoles
Baldwin DayLiner dampening circulator with chill unit
Baldwin Jimek Litho Spray Maxima dampening system
QTI register system
2B-Präzesionstechnik Plate bender and Plate perforator
Unit controller PECOM 2000
E+L web edge guide system

Total length of the press: appr. 50 m (including Control consoles)
Total height of the press: appr. 7.6 m
Operating height: appr. 8.2 m

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2-Head DIMUKEN Hologram Encoder/Applicator DC8614-H2

Year : 1997
Max web width : 495 mm
Max Draw length : 610 mm

Operation Principal
The Dimuken 2 Head Hologram Applicator achieves extremely accurate hologram image registration by fiber optics located next to each stamping die. The Dimuken foil registration system allows for vast savings on foil costs compared to the industry standard methods of step and repeat foil feeding used by other manufacturers.
The web is fed by pin feed tractors in accurate register to the foiling station where the holograms are applied in the individual feed steps programmed by the operator to suit the layout of the job.

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Edelmann Formall V38 Computer print

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