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First Etirama FlexoWine press in Italie

Etirama EU are pleased to announce their first delivery to Italy of their successful FlexoWine model.

This press was delivered and installed in September 2008 to DM Label in Viterbo.

This latest central impression press built in Brazil has a width of 250mm and will print 6 colours + UV varnish with the ability to do reverse printing.

The sophisticated Italian label market demands high quality labels and having considered what is available on the market today, DM Labels chose a FlexoWine for its quality, ease of operation and flexibility.

The new concept FlexoWine was first introduced in 2007 and already over 150 machines have been installed world wide.

Etirama (Brazil), one the world’s major label press manufacturers have sold over 1600 machines previously outside of Europe and they recognised the necessity to support the equipment in Europe and in 2007 Etirama EU was established in the UK to provide technical and after sales support direct to printers and through local agents.

To ensure professional support in the Italian market Etirama EU have appointed Schleper & Associes together with a specialised label engineering facility in Milan to handle sales and service in this important market.